WSBF Update: November 2013!

Hey listeners! As the semester comes to a close, here’s what we’ve been up to lately at WSBF:

We’ve added a plethora of new CDs to rotation including new albums by DJ Rashad, The Head and the Heart, Darkside, OSHWA, King Tuff, Ladyhawke, Plan B, Beartooth, Renny Wilson, Beyond Dishonor, Yo La Tengo, Sol Cat, Ryan Hemsworth, Dianne Coffee, Deer Tick, Mac Demarco, Frightened Rabbit, Glasser, Boards of Canada, and The Henry Clay People.

Albums from left to right are DJ Rashad’s Double Cup, Darkside’s Psychic, Oshwa’s Chamomile Crush, Frightened Rabbit’s Pedestrian Verse, and Board of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest.

Interning has ended and we have several new DJs: Aubri Gonzales, Rebekah Griggs, Matt Compton, Margie Lund, Caroline Hollar, Sterling Davis, Josh Nunn, Mason Bunn, Michael Murad, Adam Warner, Kristina Toney, Sam Cauthen, Morgan Kern, Medha Vyavahare, Grayson Bonds, and Matt Bauerlin. They’ve all finished the interning process, passed their on-air tests and have their first shows!

Margie killin’ it in the studio doing her first show!

Looking ahead, we’ve also started fundraising for SPRINGFEST VI! Springfest is a music and arts festival featuring local and regional music as well as vendors and artists. WSBF has hosted Springfest every April for 5 years now, and we hope to make Springfest VI just as awesome, if not better! Now that it’s chilly out, we’ve started selling hot grilled cheese and tomato soup on some Friday and Saturday nights in downtown Clemson. If you’re downtown and in need of a late night snack, be on the lookout for WSBF’s grilled cheese and soup stand; help raise money for Springfest and satiate that hot cheese craving.

G-Money, Hana, and Rob makin’ bank sellin’ grilled cheese